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The historical roots of dolls

Doll babyBaby doll amulet in ancient Slavic family - it's dolls. Wound dolls were over 5 thousand. Years ago, from the time when they started to grow flax. Doll doll - is the embodiment of kindness and gentleness, it connects the family as a whole, and connects families to ethnic group, it teaches love for the beloved land of heart, gives hope for the best, in good faith strengthens and creates protection against dark forces. And very importantly, it made for a particular purpose, is made for gifts for the holiday, and yet whom it will protect the child or adult.
Since ancient times, dolls were made of tissue body parts which are bound in bundles. Each doll, is an individual work of masters and not like the others. In ancient times amulets were reeled.
"Dolls" called first reaped sheaf twisted special way. Originally it was a bunch of ears who left edge of the field. He was decorated with ribbons as a symbol of abundant harvest. Then with nevyzhatoho ears started making dolls peremotuyuchy tapes ears old towels and clothes. Until the ears removed later.
From history we learn that in Ukraine the earliest prototypes of dolls found in the form of figurines of mammoth bones in the parking lot s.Mezyn (now Korop district, Chernihiv region). And the ancient Greeks, in similar toys made of wood, stone or grass, personified images of their gods. These dolls amulets were found in different parts of the world, such sights are in the US, African cultures in the tombs of the Caucasian peoples.

How to make a talisman - motanku own doll

Making dolls called "kutannyam." Indeed, because of its producing tissue as if we zukutuyemo child in clothing. To give it a good kind of old canvas, which was painted kutaly motanku beet juice, elderberry, nightshade, without knowledge of the nuances of today do not worth enough to choose bright fabric, pleasant to the touch. Rags, which is the basis of dolls talisman collect the spirit of ancestors, character wise past. From natural materials like linen threads, make hair. The Chairman must be clearly allocated in such a doll. Clear doll also features not needed, there could only be a cross, symbol of the sun. Indicative is also the fact that the male dolls did. The advantage of women over men due Pictures submission reeled symbol of the goddess of fertility. The ancient goddess of fertility called "Dondo", which means - '' puppet ''.
Dolls have no name, because the spirit of non-incarnate assistant.
Often made and "edible" dolls from bread. These toys were used instead of nipples for babies.
Llka motankaLyalky reeled is magical objects and not child's play. In people, this doll is a symbol of fertility and procreation, so it can be passed from generation to generation, as originally Slavic charm.
Later dolls symbolic wedding ceremonies. And even today hoods dolls decorate wedding motorcades, of course, a bit more advanced and is not related to the initial strength.
There are three types of dolls, baby, woman-keeper bride.
Red dollOver the last century the power of magic dolls largely lost, now a stylish accessory form return to the past and appeal to folklore, and now these dolls are made as characters for fun or aesthetic pleasure. Technological advances have also allowed reeled face paint and dress in a dress factory production, and a doll made of rags became harder to find. Dolls nowadays are made of cloth, or even clay, they are real and stylized taste of the consumer. But established modern masters have reeled dolls guardian and retain their strength and magical destination.
The feature of making dolls is the use of a needle. After it is done by winding or kutannya using tapes, but not sewn.
Making his own hands dolls are easy. After all, when the house has many different pieces of fabric, ribbons and other pleasant things, then you can easily wrap motanku yourself and entertain not only themselves, but also children, making them a nice toy.
Head dolls made from small pieces of tissues, which are stuffed into small pieces of fabric, cotton and so on, then, to attract solar energy, his head wrapped threads crosswise. Horizontal winding part, should think about everyday worries and earthly purpose. The trunk attached to the head by the same thread over the entire length by winding from neck to feet dolls, and perpendicular to the angle of hand puppets. With the remnants of fabric or yarn can make doll hair and dress her desire to dress and give folk decorations (lace, ribbons, beads).
Made wizard dolls - is unsurpassed and unforgettable souvenir of ethnic elements and guard for their masters, protecting the wearer from evil thoughts and evil influence, exquisite gift for all lovers of art and beauty. This amulet Doll helps to keep in touch with Rod becomes a source of strength and inspiration. That is why nowadays their popularity is growing! Now amulet can buy already prepared or order a charm for a specific person, or to achieve good purpose only. Also, you can buy a special guardian for the house or car.
Note the colors used in the doll, it will help you make the right choice
Red - the color of life, fire of love;
yellow - the color of wheat, earth, sun and the physical world;
green - symbolizes the increasing wealth and health, and mental strength;
Blue - the sign of self-development and creativity;
Gold - the color of love of God;
Purple - means wisdom.
Cross - a solar symbol (the symbol of the sun), the central element reeled, it must do so very carefully, and to entrust this business wise and calm in the family.
Wind doll better on the new moon. And do amulet with his hands against the evil eye or bad words when "measures" the month when he znakaz zodiac, Scorpio or Virgo (it depends wish you acquainted with ill-wisher or not).


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